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A complete IT agency


After years of research and investment, operating since 2000, today we can offer a variety of products and services a competitive price and short deadlines.

  • experts in process automation and reduced operating costs
  • develop solutions and systems of high complexity
  • creating websites and hot sites
  • intranets / extranets
  • applications for mobile and tablets (iPhone, Android, iPad)
  • games and advergames
  • hosting of large or small sites
  • virtual stores and e-commerce systems
  • creating logos, layouts and visual identity
  • marketing campaigns in the web

Tetra Soft

Software Development

We develop software to meet any need, whether a control order in a pizza or a portal deployed on multiple servers around the world.

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Mobile apps (iPhone / iPad / Android)

The Tetra Group masters the technology of mobile applications and provide remote access to systems on any mobile phone, from the simplest to the most complex smartphones. You can have access to reports, charts, receive alerts by SMS or email, create an entire website on mobile, among other functions.

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CMS - Content Manager

CMS are sets of tools for creating or editing content on the Internet in real time without any programming skills, allowing the user to focus on the creation of the content itself, and not the technical details behind the operation of the site.

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Creating websites and portals

It was during the "boom" of the internet that Tetra Group created body and soul, which is one of our specialties.

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ERP system

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are systems to integrate the various departments of a company.

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CRM - Customer Relationship Management

CRM management systems are designed to store customer information, providing easy access for the company to develop action plans, sales and communications with customers, thereby applying more effectively CRM strategy.

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Intranet / Extranet

There is nothing better than allocating all your applications and software in one distributed system, hosted by the Internet and accessible from anywhere. Even by your smartphone. Through an intranet, your company has no reason to worry about performance, security, data backup and system availability: we do it all for you.

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Biometrics and Security

Nothing is more unique and secure than each individual's fingerprint. From there, we develop unique solutions for biometric identification.

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BI - Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the application of analytical techniques to information on business conditions in order to improve them - in an automated way, but with interpretation and human responses.

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Tetra Media

Design and Layout

We create graphics, magazine covers, promotions, advertisements, photography, labels, logos, business cards and web design (layout creation for websites).

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Viral Marketing

Through direct or generating buzz on social networks, sales could attract thousands of visitors and people will see your brand, with much lower cost than traditional marketing.

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Promotional Hotsites

Hotsites are developed with specific focus and direct disclosure. Usually have a short time usability, as they usually are tied to advertising campaigns or promotions.

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Games and Advergames

Advergames are marketing strategies using games as a tool to reach your target audience.

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Tetra Consult

IT Consulting

Rely on our highly specialized team for the realization of various projects in IT. We provide technical, financial and marketing consultancy developing solutions from conception to delivery of the final product.

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies are aiming to improve the site's positioning on a website results page of an organic search (the search for "free" without buying sponsored search).

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Tetra Host

Hosting Systems

After developing we are able to host your systems. We have the latest generation servers located in the United States and Brazil, ensuring high availability of your website.

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E-mail Marketing

The E-mail marketing, itself, is an e-mail modeled in order to pursue a higher impact on the recipients. It can be simple information, sale, warning, dissemination event, e-newsletter, among many other purposes that email marketing can take.

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Tetra Shop


We develop applications related to electronic commerce that meet all your needs.

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Electronic Catalog

With our digital solutions, you can upload and sell all the products with our electronic catalogs, where products and services are displayed on an iPad or Android tablet with unsurpassed quality and efficiency.

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