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Typically, within a large corporation, the information is stored in databses or intranets and end up often being overlooked or poorly executed. Through an intelligent system that can collect, process and analyze these information is called BI (Business Intelligence), we can leverage this information and get several benefits:

  • Anticipation of sudden changes in the market;
  • Anticipation of actions with competitors;
  • Deep knowledge of the business;
  • Learning through success and failures of the company and its competitors;
  • Clear vision for new business;
  • Aid in the implementation of new management tools;
  • Knowledge of new technologies that may affect the business.

Some Tools:

  • Spreadsheets and graphics in real time;
  • Softwares Query & Report;
  • OLAP tools(On Line Analytical Processing);
  • Data Mining;
  • ERP System (enterprise resource planning);
  • CRM System (Customer relationship management).