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There is nothing better than allocating all your applications and software in one distributed system, hosted by the Internet and accessible from anywhere. Even from your mobile.

Through an intranet, your company has no reason to worry about performance, security, data backup and system availability: we do it all for you.

Some ideas that we usually develop:

  • Customizable home page (each person has their own custom page);
  • Employee signature;
  • Internal social network;
  • Clearances and electronic time sheet;
  • Newsletters and press releases;
  • Payroll;
  • Jobs Central / resumee database;
  • Instant messaging (like an “integrated MSN ” among employees);
  • Sending direct mail;
  • Centralizing technical support / service orders;
  • Instant search / quizz;
  • Several reports (exportable to Excel and PDF);
  • Various operating systems , which will be converted to standard web;
  • Among others.


We have more than 200 types of graphs and reports in our system.

grafico2Example chart which can be obtained in generating reports.